Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just magnolia challenges

Original Sketch...
Just Magnolia challenge wk 77

boxed envelope
I finally have joined the challenge yippee!!!!!
the first of many I hope.
I'm not a huge fan of peel offs although I have thousands..
I dont use alot of gold either I feel sometimes if not used well can
sometimes appear tacky!
So lets hope you dont think she's a tacky tilda.....
Thanks for letting me take part

Terrible Two....

Well here they are
Harry and Jake

Im Back....

I'm back !! Where have I been?? not really sure where the times gone.
Well lets fill you in Hannah,Chris and the boys have moved again...
So good old mums been busy redecorating,cleaning ,gardening and playing with the boys.
There new home is just perfect for them bigger and nearer to me.. so i get to see the angels all the time.
Jake and Harry are growing so so fast It's scarey,they'll be 2 December I really dont know where it's gone will post some new pic's very soon for you to see.
Well going to post some projects now so watch this space.
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