Thursday, 5 March 2009

christmas magic

just finished my first sketch challenge it's Harry he's so so cute big beeming smiles when ever you talk to him... Jake on the other hand is more serious twin he only smiles at the light fixtures LOL I said he may give me a smile if I put a lampshade on my head my DH replied I will if jake doesn't!!!

I made the Christmas tree from a leaf punch I will sort out a demo for this redundant punch and post tomorow hopefully

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  1. Beautiful as always the boys are growing fast hope they are keeping well finished the 12/12 album for my great niece just got to finish the 8/8 album that i am doing for my brother and sister in law (the grandparents)need to be done by next saturday can't wait to give them to them they have know idea i have been doing them take care keep the pictures coming sara x


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