Saturday, 12 February 2011

My first award yay me!!!

Yay me  after having a rubbish week wow what a lovely surprise,
to read my comments to find Tracey  has given me my very first award
Thank-you Tracey for thinking of me xx
About this award,
these are the rules
1-i have to accept it, write a post about it and display it.
2-pass it to 3-5 fab but unknown [yet] blogs and tell them they have been awarded the love blog award[not ones with large amounts of followers]
3-link back to the person who passed it to me#
the aim is to bring great but not well known blogs to light
so here are my 5
So check out there blogs there FAB!!
Enjoy your awards girls your works ammmazing Sharonxx


  1. Well done hun on your first award and here's to many more :o)

    Thank you sooooo much on mine, I'm truly honoured and I will display it with pride :oD

    have a great evening sweetie, big hugs Vicky xx

  2. Thanks Vicky off to babysit my two grandbabies so lots of cuddles for me cant wait xx

  3. congrats on your first award looking at your blog I'm sure more will follow
    Jacki xx

  4. Awww......thanks so much for this Sharon, I'm both thrilled and honoured that you chose to pass it on to me!!!
    Sorry it's taken me a while to get here - I'm a little bogged down with DT at the mo, but I will post it ASAP, probably Thursday.
    love and hugs
    Heather xx


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