Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Over the weekend I've been trying out different options 
with printing,colouring mediums ect.
I printed of 2 images different affects left one I change the colour by 
replace colour which gave it a sepia effect

The stains I used to colour the image these work the same as distress inks and you get 
a whole lot more for your money BONUS!
The finished items coloured with these stains, really loving the effect that
you can achieve,I'm going to give away some of these inks so if
you like the effect I'll do a post later today and you might be lucky enough to get a set.
 Another image coloured the same way
 A close up


  1. Love this the colour is so warm and the image is gorgeous where do you get the stains from
    Jacki xx

  2. This is lovely, I never tried stamping with different coloured inks... the effect is gorgeous.

  3. hi hun, just wanted to pop by and say a big thank you for the comment you left me, you are so so sweet. big hugs..xxx

    love the effect of these stains hun, xx

  4. Great colouring! I wish I had the same colours to make the same beauty! ))

  5. Wow Shaz! You really know how to bring life to your images with such beautiful hand coloring. I envy your skill!


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